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Christ Executive Officer Inc.  501(c)3 non profit          Collection of On-Line Resources 24/7   


Gang Prevention Program:                                                We are building a dramatic and strategic series of presentations to reach out to the public and private schools that will revolutionize and captivate a young audience.  This will showcase the epidemics facing our generation in an unapolgetic raw style.  Local law enforcement agencies will be recognized in establishing a goal of camaraderie to demonstrate the urgency and commitment to establish safe and law abiding citizens who demand to be treated equally regardless of race, creed, gender or color for all parties involved. The time is now for a revolution of love, peace, and harmony demonstrated in actions and not just  words. For Community Service Programs both for volunteer and court ordered public service visit Community Service section.


We have the opportunity to reach a segment of at risk youth in our community in a unique way that is determined to positively impact our community.  Through the help of our local businesses, churches, citizens of our community, our local judicial branch, and our dedicated team we are eagerly anticipating the birth of our “Gang Prevention” program in our community.  If given the opportunity we believe this program will not only influence our community, but will be able to cross over county lines, and eventual over state lines in demonstration of what occurs when a community is aware of their surroundings and take POSITIVE STEPS OF PREVENTION, EDUCAITON, AND AWARNESS TO ELIINATE the negative influences our youth are facing in our generation.  
Gang Prevention Program Mission Statement:  Reach and inform current, and potential at risk youth of the long term affects of gang violence, exposure, and results of such engagements.  Inform, educate, and preventative measures for prevention of such gang affiliated relationships and or engagements.  All conducted in a community service based program, and variety of outreach awareness venues in the community.


As our dedicated team is prepared to establish this unique outreach program we desperately seek our local community entities to join with us in financial provisions that will enable us to perform the following but not limited awareness in our community to prevent the unfortunate gang epidemic that is facing our community:


Community Service Programs:

> Community service program focused on at risk juvenile participants to successfully complete hours incorporating a physical exercise program geared toward promoting healthy change in lifestyle through discipline and leadership teachings and applied applications.

> Hours also approved for numerous events and outreaches within this organization where participants will realize the hands on approach of positively influencing our communities throughout a variety of outreach events.

> Exit Certificate of Completion will be established by participants developing goal setting and applied principles obtained in program verbally expressed by participants

> Community service programs also considered on a case by case analysis for individual participant approval


  • Community Service Gang Prevention Awareness Workshops;
  • Gang Prevention Public and Private School Assembly’s;
  • Gang Prevention Awareness materials to be handed out within our community;
  • Series of teaching materials to influence, encourage, educate, and inspire the youth of our generation to use their God given talents to accomplish their goals in life as opposed to engaging in uneventful activities such as gang affiliations where the end results could entail a life of incarceration or even death;
  • Network with a variety of law enforcement personal’s, and programs will be established.