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Christ Executive Officer Inc.  501(c)3 non profit          Collection of On-Line Resources 24/7   

Community Outreaches.  Contact us to see how we can unite to bring the positive events to cities across the U.S.A. and the world.  Email CEO.CORRESPONDENCE@GMAIL.COM. 

Easter Day Outreach

Cinco de Mayo Festival


Hawai'i Aala Park Revival Hip Hope Music
A day of outreach in Honolulu, Hawaii Saturday, August 5, 2017 where many lives were touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ name. Contact us to schedule an outreach.
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Hawai'i Aala Park Revival Hip Hope Music
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Homeless Training Workshops:  Assisting homeless with job training skills to overcome their current situation.




Mission:  Homeless personals will be trained to use their experiences of recovery to influence others facing this epidemic.  


Participants will be volunteer's as CEO conducst weekly meetings of job training and implementation to establish stable positive affects of determination and goal setting.  


Prayer list: 


*  Work with local hotels on developing a voucher system to enable particpants for temporary housing.

*  Bridge the gap with local communties for temporary housin.

*  Provide job training, real life application, and hope to participants that their is support and assistance for those wanting to overcome their homeless situation. 


All CEO Volunteer participants associated with this program will be provided the business card below.  Any concerns or issues email CEO.CORRESPONDENCE@GMAIL.COM