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Christ Executive Officer Inc.  501(c)3 non profit          Collection of On-Line Resources 24/7   

ColoradoUnity webpage is currently under construction.  You can visit ColoradoUnity on Youtube or Instagram.

COLORADO UNITY 8 areas of focus.  Stand with us as we establish stronger communities one familiy at a time.

State Solemn Assembly:  We partner with local faith based organizations, businesses, and citizens to coordinate local and national events.

State Solemn Assembly - Areas of Focus Colorado, Hawai'i, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Email us for more information. 


A strategic collaboration of community members will be implemented where a Solemn Assembly will be our focus designed to pray for our communities and state officials for God's protection and wisdom to keep our communities safe and productive.  Designated personnel will lead prayer for designated areas of focus within our communities and state.  



Areas of prayer will include topics such as the  following but not limited to:


> public and private schools;

> government officials;

> public and private sectors;

> economy growth and stability; 

> legislative, judicial, and executive levels of the USA;

> citizens safety; 


We strongly believe prayer will restore the walls of safety in America and our communities and will be the catalyst of this movement.   Interested please contact us of areas of topics that you feel need to be implemented in this program.





  • Provide the necessary resources (food provided on weekly schedule to target audience based on availability.  On-line resources providing resources to target audience) and mental medical treatment to drastically reduce the homelessness population.  Our program deals with 4 core principles to produce “life changing” results to equip and empower those experiencing homelessness or unstable living conditions to transaction to become successfully employed citizens in our communities.  Aggressively finding the proper medical personal or organizations to successfully diagnosis and provide medical regimen to facilitate those suffering from mental illnesses is key to addressing our mission.  Aggressively applying collaboration and networking opportunities for success of this program will be applied.


  • Colorado Homelessness Initiative Program (CHIP) Program Curriculum:
    • CHIP 101:  Self-reflection
    • CHIP 102:  Acceptance and ownership
    • CHIP 103:  Discovering self-sustainability
    • CHIP 104:  Application development
  • Note:  Social consciousness ethics will be included in programs.


Colorado Homelessness Initiative Program (CHIP)
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